Getting Started with property-meld

This page will help you get started with property-meld. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Basic Concepts

The basic concepts in Property Meld are below.

Meld: A Meld is a maintenance request. The term signifies the melding or coming together of all parts of the maintenance process. For example, if a resident has a broken sink, they can submit a Meld to the property management company to have it repaired.

Management Company: A Management Company is any property management company that uses Property Meld. At on-boarding, a Management Company will be created and receive full control over the product.

Management Agent: Management Agents are considered admins of the product. Each Management Company can add multiple Management Agents.

Resident: These are the renters that inhabit each property. A Management Agent will send the Residents an invitation link to Property Meld. When they encounter maintenance work or repairs, they can create a Meld through the request maintenance link on the property management companies website. Residents can view the status of their Melds, upload files, and schedule repair times with the Vendors.

Maintenance: Maintenance refers to in-house services for repair issues. They are similar to Vendors and employed by the Management Company, and handled differently in the product. Maintenance will join the product when Management Agents create them. They can schedule appointments with Residents and close Melds when the work or repair completes.

Vendors: Vendors are the external contractors that fix the repair issues. Vendors are similar to Maintenance. Management Agents will invite Vendors to the product through an invitation link. They will handle the product differently from Maintenance.

Owners: Owners are the holders of the asset. Some properties will have an Owner apart from the Management Company. The Management Company will manage the day-to-day business associated with the properties and keep the Owner updated. Additionally, Management Companies can request Owners to provide their approval for particular repair work.

What’s Next

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